By chance a strange thing happened. It happened in a way that such things usually happen – which is to say that it could very easily not have happened at all. But it did when David Vermeulen and Lindi Van Blerk turned to each other one evening and said, "So… lets make some music happen."

It was the beginning of 2011 and South Africa was caught somewhere between thriving after the Soccer World Cup and being slightly depressed due to all the excitement now being over. DV and LvB sat between a bed, desk, several guitars, a drum kit and a million cables. Making music happen is as easy as it is difficult, but it happened. Their first gig as a duo was so mind-bogglingly uneventful that no one can actually remember where it was. Their second gig was much the same, but ten gigs became twenty and twenty became more and more. In need of a name, the anagram "Dividable Grand" was devised from the names of the original band members.

They were now on a mission – they were no longer nameless, they had a purposeful purpose. Their on-stage performance improved and the crowds grew bigger. They had a NAME.

Sitting down one evening, DV and LvB found their first bit of inspiration that sparked another happening. In just two hours their first full song was written – and they saw that it was good. Two months later, the song started off a set that changed Dividable Grand – changed their mind-set, changed their drive. There were a few hundred people at the show. During the set the crowd drew nearer, people started dancing, people started cheering, girls started screaming, the promoter asked them to perform for an extra thirty minutes and some bloke who won Idols asked to use DV's guitar. The performance also resulted in numb fingers from autograph signing, and Dividable Grand being booked for many other key festivals.

The beginning of 2012 saw DG in studio, recording their much anticipated debut album “The Buzz”. This would be a happy ending to the narrative, but of course, it is not an ending. It is merely the very beginning. September 2012 saw the release of "The Buzz", and sharing the stage with many of South Africa’s most well known musicians. The band is constantly on the road performing in support of the album. The years to come… They can only hold more.

Keep watching DG – things are happening.